Illustrator Tanaka Koichi


こいちThe fantastic world using the vivid color. The author is a surely smart beauty boy!? No! I am sorry to have broken the dream, if there was a person who thought so. Imagination is the man who is completely different.


- Atelier Oak -
1992. The friend was assembled and the studio was borrowed. The name is an "Atelier Oak." We passed foolish days in the room which lost night. It was drawing illustrations, such as a magazine and a pamphlet. At the time, he buys Macintosh and it was begun to draw the illustration for presentations.
1997. The contract of a studio finished and the member was dispersed. However, it left the name of an "Atelier Oak" on Web. And activity is continued individually.

Update June,2007


Koichi's Atelier Oak / Tokyo Japan
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